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    Construction of Affordable Housing for Economically Weaker Section(EWS) for BDA at Vallegerahalli (512 houses) & Nandini Layout (144 houses) in Bangalore City using Monolithic / Fast Track methodology.


    With large demand of housing, primarily in the Government Sector for providing houses for the underprivileged it has become necessary to go for construction of housing complexes faster than the normal method of construction. With continuous depletion of natural resources it has also become necessary to use factory made re-cycle able pre-engineered formwork to ensure this task.

    In fast-track construction of the houses the speed in construction can primarily be achieved by eliminating all masonry works as it takes most of the time in construction & contribute to more cost in a traditional RCC framed house. Masonry also needs accuracy in construction & elaborate plastering work to make the surfaces ready to receive finishing work.

    Nominally reinforced RCC walls replace the masonry in fast track housing. All walls of the house with the slab on the top are cast monolithically at one pour. The monolithic structure provides stability against imposed loads from earthquake & wind. This type of construction ensures thinner walls thereby contributing to lesser cost.

    The smooth finish of the exposed RCC elements can take the painting directly & thus eliminates the necessity for plastering. Thinner concrete elements & elimination of plastering contributes to saving in cost & construction time.



    Sl No Project Name
    1 Providing Asphalting to koramagala and audugodi roads
    2 Providing asphalting to Un asphalted roads at srirama temple road crosses
    3 Providing drains culverts and asphalting to road at cauvery layout
    4 Rehabilitation and strengthening of approch road to service road of ORR
    5 Improvements and asphalting of ORR at Kundalnahalli gate to Hoodi junction
    6 Widening and improvements to Jayamahal Road – From Mekhri circle to Contonment Railway station
    7 Asphalting to PES college junction to asvalahalli
    8 Providing asphalting to Govindaraj nagar
    9 Asphalting to narayanaswamy Circle
    10 Widenenging and Strengthening road of HSR layout
    11 Rehabilitaion and Strenthening of road from HAL airport road to Basvanagar
    12 Widening ,Improvements and asphalting to roads from Sarjapura road at doddakannehanni to kadabisanahall, Devarabisanahalli
    13 Strengthning and asphalting to jayanagar
    14 Strengtheing and asphalting to service road parallel to RV road
    15 Widening and strengthening to the existing surface of Mangamnapaya HSR layout
    16 Widening and improvements to Jayamahal Road – From Mekhri circle to Contonment Railway station
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